I did not realize how remote a place I live in during the winters until I heard a TV reporter say that Florida Gulf Coast University, now made famous by its basketball team, the Eagles, is located in a town 2 hours drive south of Tampa called Ft Myers.  And I don’t even live in the town but on its beach!  Basketball fever has taken such hold on the town that it is now known as “Dunk City” for the team’s trademark attack on the basket.

Well I sure hope the instant fame gained trough the Eagles astounding success in the “March Madness” college basketball tournament does not turn my off the map community into a second Miami.  Ft Myers Beach is a six mile strand of fine, powdery white sand that promotes itself as the “World’s Safest Beach.”  And indeed it may well be. One can take his kids to this beach with no fears of any problems.  No fickle tides or currents, fine sand that extends under the sea forever, shallow sea that doesn’t reach waist level until about 70 yards off the water’s edge, no dangerous undersea creatures, warm water, in fact it is so safe you can leave your kids unattended while you go get a beer.

I don’t live right on the beach but in true Florida “cracker” (native Floridian) style the mangrove tree covered island right behind (ok, ok most of the trees are gone but they do form the edge of most of the island.  And the trees are protected.)  Truly back to nature liviing at about two feet above sea level.

So good luck to the Eagles but let’s hope they do not bring down paradise in the process.