All agree that we have to get a better handle on the Federal Government budget with deficit and debt reduction being main goals.  Some offer increased revenues as the way while others call for reductions in spending. 

Looking at our Federal budget one sees that the USA spends way more for defense than other countries at our stage of development.  The USA spends the equivalent of 4.7% of its GDP on defense while that number for the UK is 2.6%, France 2.3%, Germany 1.3% and Canada 1.4%.  If the US cut its defense spending by half to say 2.4% of GDP that would save around $340 billion a year which would sharply reduce deficit spending. 

Isn’t it time we thought carefully about our defense expeditures?   Do we really need to station troops in Germany, Japan, the UK, and other peaceful places?   Do we really need to take the lead in solving all the conflicts around the world?  We could probably take care of our defense needs with a defense budget about half its current size.  

I hear lots of calls to cut the costs of health care and social security benefits, the other main components of our Federal budget.   I would like to hear similar comments about our defense spending.