Pesky statistics.  When one compares the basic statistics as President Obama enters his second term of office to those when he was inaugurated in 2009 one sees little positive change.

Indicators                                     2009                2012

Growth                                         -0.5%              1.8%

Unemployment                              7.8%               7.8%

National debt                                $11 trillion        $16 trillion

DOW                                            6,500                13.500

The slide in our economy was indeed arrested but growth has not reached the minimum needed to create sufficient employment to lower the unemployment rate.  And this has not been for lack of trying.  The Feds have increased the national debt by 50% in an effort to “pump” up growth. 

Even more revealing, President Obama has based his entire administration on raising the prosperity of the “Middle Class.”  But judging by the DOW, which has doubled since 2009, it has been the wealthier class, the “1%,” that has fared better under his administration. 

Whatever the dominant influences in our recent election it did not appear to be the economy as demonstrated by the actual statistics.