Well “Obama Care” arrived with an unseen left hook to my jaw.  My monthly Medicare premiums have been raised to $146.90 for Part A and B and $11.60 for Part D for a total of $168.50, quite a difference from the $104 and no Part D permium paid by most and a smart increase over the $99.90 I paid last year.  I called Medicare and was told that my new premiums were set by the president’s signal achievement in his first four years in office, “Obama Care.”  Thank you Mr President.

My Medicare interlocutor explained that I have to pay more than most because of my, or to be specific, our income bracket as detemined by our tax returns.  I replied that while my wife’s income had risen smartly these last few years, mine remained that of a pensioner living on a fixed income.  And I assured him that I do not share one bit in my wife’s increased income.  He said well you are married and we use your joint income.  One more reason to shun the altar. 

As always I have a plan B.   I am negotiating with my insurance company in Mallorca for health insurance from it that will provide me full coverage for slightly more than what I will now be paying for Medicare.  Add in that the Spanish insurance has no co-pays or limits on expenses, and the Spanish option looks more attractive.  What will most likely be the result of “Obama” Care is that its will lose a client and my monthly payment.  But this will mean a savings for “Obama” Care coming exactly as I predicted from “raiding” Medicare.