The mountain of media attention given to the “fiscal cliff” drama clearly speaks to a major lack of perspective in journalism today.  It led me to reflect on what constitutes a truly newsworthy event. 

Of course the most newsworthy event would be the one postulated by that old science fiction film, “When Worlds Collide.”  Now that it is what one could call a real “game changer.”  Funny enough it would not necessarily be the end of our planet, but it would definitely alter our world.  In fact the earth has apparently been struck from time to time by giant meteorites during its long history that changed the entire planet.  The demise of the dinosaurs is generally attributed to a giant meteroite. 

My favorite watershed headline is, “Grant Takes Richmond, Lee Retreats to Appamatox.”  The very core of our national being was contained in that headline, what had until that point been tought of as a collection of political entities who freely associated themselves with one another in common cause, shifted to a realization that a state changed its entire nature by joining in a union, somewhat like a marriage.  But this union is more permanent than a marriage that merely rests on the understanding, “that which God joins together, let no man put assunder.”

I yearn for our news to be trully that, news, instead of turning every “dog bites man” story into a “man bites dog” headline.