Incredible, President Obama is threatening to launch a war against Syria to get rid of its, drum roll please, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs to the protest crowd)!   We have watched him ramp up the war in Afghanistan with a Bush-like “force surge.”  Now he is using “W’s” tired pretext for taking on another foe in the Middle East.  And remember, Syria had nothing whatsoever to do with September 11. 

I am sure there will be those who ratonalize the president’s action.  But he should enter Syria to save the Syrian people, not to eliminate WMDs.  Oh, what’s that you say, that is what he is doing, saving Syrians from WMDs.  But we have no evidence that they are using such weapons or that they are able to do so.  Obama knows that he cannot sell war to the American people simply to save Syrians.  But he can use WMDs as an excuse.  In spite of its loss of credibility the American people can still be scared by “megadeath.”

I worked for Hill and Knowlton as the managing director of its operation in Turkey during the Gulf War when Hill and Knowlton Washington DC had the contract with the Kuwaiti government to get the US to save it from Iraq’s occupation.  My colleagues convinced the US Congress to declare war by scaring them with WMDs, at that time nuclear weapons.  It worked and we saved Kuwait from Iraq.  I had intimate knowledge of how we worked this threat to convince the Congress of the threat, not just to Kuwait, but to the world.   I was amazed when “W” went back to the same well to rationalize the invasion of Iraq two years later.  I am astounded by Obama using once more this tired pretext for war.