The election made it official, I am now in the newest minority, white men.  We voted overwhelmingly for Romney but lost to Obama’s consortium of women, blacks, hispanics and other former minorities who now constitute the majority.  To confirm my status another writer at this site has written that the Western World will be saved by women.

In my new status I am now allowed to complain that I am being mistreated by the majority and am no longer responsible for bearing the burden of making sure we have a rich and flourishing country.  I can now sit back and watch those in control beaver away at building a prosperous economy. 

We white men will hunker down in our refuges, mine is my home in Mallorca which enjoys a spectacular location and where I busy myself with my garden, and leave the important business of the world to the majority which will apparently be led by women.  What a relief to no longer have to take the lead and carry the freight.  I can simply rest on my laurels, watch my favorite teams on TV and play poker with the boys. 

Of course I have already socked my meagre wealth away where no one can get to it.  I don’t want the new majority to get its hands on my hard earned assets, no matter how small they may be. 

What’s that you say, I need to invest in “our” future.  Well “our” is no longer “mine” so  forgive me if I opt out of lending a hand to building the majority’s paradise.  No, I will simply use my assets to sustain my modest lifestyle in my refuge.  Good luck to you in the “New Majority.”