Great phrase I have just learned and it clearly describes the state of the election.  I have been on the phones and pounding the pavements in pursuit of getting out the vote.  I am struck by the large numbers who have aleady voted, more than half my respondents.  I am also impressed by the vigor of the responses, these voters really believed their vote counted.  And there is probably no where else in the country than in Florida where each vote matters more. 

I have written before that Florida is a surrogate for the country.  Who wins in Florida will win the country.  This is the only one of the four most populated states that is in contention.  California and New York have been firmly in the Democrats’ camp and Texas in the Republican.  Florida has been up for grabs.  And at this moment Romney seems to have the edge.  

No question about it, this election is tight and every vote will count.  This Tuesday evening promises to offer the most tense drama we have all seen in a long time.