Here we are at ringside ladies and gentlemen for the heavyweight championship fight between Barack the “Attack” Obamba and Mitt the “Glove” Romney.  Both men seem to be in fine form.   The  “Attack” appears confident and ready to dish out punishment while the “Glove” promises some heavy thunder to throw into the match.

First Round.  Mitt comes out swinging with “8.2%” unemployment and 23 million jobless or not working full time.   Barack feints with “I inherited a mess and 10% unemployment.”

Second Round.   Mitt stays on the attack with “$5 trillion added to the national debt with no result.”  Barack counters with “stabilized the economy and 4 million new manufacturing jobs.”

Round Three. Some vicious jabbing with “outsourced jobs and hides income” by Barack and “no leadership” by Mitt.

Rounds 4,5,6.  Uppercuts by Mitt, “I brought universal health care to Massachusetts but Barack torpedoed idea with new health act.”  Barack comes back with a round-house, “you want to strip seniors of Medicare.”

Rounds 7-14.  More hurt for both contenders caused by solid body punches on lack of vision, lack of leadership, lack of compassion and other debilitating but not knock out punches.

Round 15.  Both men are weary but still game.  And here comes a solid right from …….. (Transmission interrupted)