The Republicans’ VP candidate, Paul Ryan, is known for lots of things but mostly for his plan to overhaul Medicare by going to a “voucher” system. I, along with 14 million other senior Americans, about one third of all Medicare recipients, already have a Medicare voucher, it’s called Medicare Advantage. 

My Medicare Advantage plan provides the following:

No less care than traditional Medicare

No “gap” payment.  Traditional Medicare makes client pay 20% of most bills.  Advantage plans cover all costs.

Prescription drugs included without having to buy Medicare Part D

Coverage for emergency medical care outside the USA.  Many Medicare recipients are not aware that Medicare offers no coverage outside the USA.  Since I spend much of my time outside the USA this is the main reason I opted for the Advantage plan.

Lots of free services such as an annual medical check-up, free vision test, teeth cleanings and dental checks, and  reduced cost dental care.  

A host of prevention programs to keep me healthy so that I will not require health care.  The health care companies are very aware of the savings that come from preventing illness, rather than curing it.

The reason I call the “Advantage” plan a Medicare “voucher” is that it works the same way.  I take my Medicare enrollment and shop the various health care companies for the best “advantage” plan for me.  I then trade in my enrollment for the health care company becoming my primary care giver.  I pay no more than I pay for Medicare B, about $100 a month.

Paul Ryan would be well advised to use this comparison of the Medicare “Advantage” plan to his proposed “vouchers.”  When Seniors see the “advantages” of Medicare “Advantage” plans they will be happy to chuck traditional Medicare for this more complete coverage.