Lots of media coverage for Julian Assange who I prefer to call Julian the “Strange.”  He is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London fighting extradition to Sweden to face charges regarding sexual crimes.   Assange claims that the sexual charges are just a ploy to get him to Sweden where he will be extradited to the USA to face America´s wrath about his revelations of state secrets.  Of course anyone who believes the Swedish Government is acting as America´s “stooge” certainly hasn’t the slightest understanding of Sweden´s intensely independent stripe which has been particularly visible in its dealings with the USA. 

Total misunderstanding of basic rules and natures in this case also extends to the bravado of Ecuador and other Latin American countries who stand ready to defend “diplomatic rights” to the end.  The British Government has said it will seize and extradite Assange to Sweden in accordance to a law it recently adopted regarding criminal acts by diplomats.  And while the International Court of Justice has its laws, there is one immutable law, in a given country, national law prevails over international law.   Britain cannot act against its own laws, even to serve international law. 

Another major mistake made by the newly zealous Latin American defenders of “diplomatic rights”  is that a country does  not have a “right” to establish a diplomatic mission in another country.  Rather this is a privilege granted by the receiving country and as such may be repealed at any time.  This is well established by the process of declaring a foreign diplomat “persona non grata” and making him leave your country. 

I am certain we will see a lot more “bulla-shit” in the Julian the “Strange” case.