President Obama rightly pointed out that our health care is too expensive, costing about 2-3 times what similar health care costs in other developed countries, e.g. France and Germany.  However, he went on to present us with a new plan that will not cut costs, indeed they  will continue to increase at a high rate. 

And why does our health care cost 2-3 times what it does in France or Germany?  Hospitals and all their services as well as pharmaceuticals cost about the same in those two countries and the USA.  The difference lies in one simple fact, American doctors enjoy an average income about 2-3 times the average for doctors in  France and Germany.  Not hard to see where the higher cost comes from.

I have finally learned in my old age why surgeons wear a mask and carry a dangerous weapon.  They are thieves.  They cut your flesh and your purse and ask you to be grateful. 

I view doctors and auto mechanics in the same light.  No one likes to have an accident or be sick but when it happens you go to the right person to correct the problem.  I go to ones with whom I have had good experience and who accept my insurance.  But often I have to see new ones.  I always look askance when asked by a doctor´s assistant, “Who is your doctor?”  I always reply, “Well I thought your doctor was my doctor, that´s why I am here.”"  

In any case, repair of one’s damaged car or repair of one´s body is costly.  That is why we have insurance to pay the bill.  Since these are similar situations why doesn’t the insurance work the same way?   For auto insurance one pays a premium according to his driving record.  For those who cannot get insurance because they are “too risky,” in most states the state assigns the client and his policy to an insurance company that does business in the state.  The “risky” policies are assigned in accordance to the amount of auto insurance the company does in the state, so a  company that writes 25% of all policies gets 25% of the “risky” policies.

Why not work health insurance the same way?  All would be able to get insurance and will pay according to his expected use of the insurance.   Those too “risky” for normal insurance would be assigned to each insurance company in accordance to the amount of business it does in the state.  This would work with Obama´s plan since the plan calls for Uncle Sam to pay for those who cannot afford normal insurance or the assigned insurance.  But it would be more equitable and thus easier to sell to the American public.

More importantly, the only way to control the outrageous fees charged by doctors is by  major clients, i.e. the health insurance companies or Medicare and Medicaid (these two Federal programs pay half the medical bills in the USA), negotiating with them for lower prices.  Impossible, take a look at your latest health insurance accounting of your latest medical service.  Amazing how much savings the insurer was able to “negotiate” with the doctor or other supplier.