Ten years after buying my Mallorca home I received a fax at our embassy in Helsinki, Finland from the man who took care of the house.   He said, “Leo you need a larger house since you now have a family and I have a great buy for you.”  By then I was married with two little toddlers one born in Turkey and one born in Finland.  I replied, “Yes.”  I had to sell my old house to buy the new  one but found myself a few thousand dollars short.  I looked at my wife and said, “I have some money put away to buy you a mink coat (Finland at that time was the largest source of mink pelts in the world).  Which do you want coat or new house?”  She said, “House.”  Bye bye mink coat, hello dream house on the Mediterranean. 

Almost impossible to believe the year after buying the new house I was sent back to our embassy in Madrid where my small family had lots of opportunities to visit our Mediterranean villa.  From the roof deck one gets an unforgettable 360 degree view of the entire place dubbed “Between the Sea and the Mountains” in the brochure on it published by the Tourism Office of the Baleares.  Directly in front is Alcudia Bay which is sheltered by the Tramontana Mountains on the west and the Eastern Mountains  behind my house. 

The Tramontanas stand about twice the height of my mountains and end at the cliffs of Cape Formentor.  The drive to the lighthouse at Formentor was called by Temple Fielding, who was perhaps the best known travel guide writer in the mid-2oth Century, the. “Most scenic drive in all of Europe.”  He put his money where his mouth was and built a house on the drive. 

About 25 miles directly across the mouth of the bay is Cape Ferrutx which is where my mountains fall into the sea.  Ferrutx is about 2 kilometers from my house.  The entire mountain range and coast between my house and the cape is a “Nature Park” so nothing can be built there and my view remains the same forever, or at least for the next hundred years. 

Since my view is the bay, instead of looking at a dark sea at night, I look out on a long circle of blinking lights lining the bay.  The sun rises over the mountains behind and sets behind the Tramontanas across the bay.  We have a small “cala” or cove next to the house with a small beach.  Most, however, use the paved platform 50 steps from my garden to swim and snorkel and launch kayaks.  I have lived in 16 countries and visited most of the rest.  I can truly say that I have never had a view as wonderful as the one from my home. 

More to come