My blogs must be followed closely in California’s state capitol, Sacramento, where I am currently visiting.  I wrote on April 13 about high speed railways being debated now in the state legislature cautioning the legislators to carefully consider taking on this great expense that could yield little results.  Today’s “Sacramento Bee,” probably the capitol city’s best journal, carries a Op-Ed cartoon featuring a large bull dressed in suit and tie with a lapel pin proclaiming California High Speed Railway Authority under the title, “Bull-it Train.”  The bull is claiming that high speed railway will do lots of good things, “Ridership will be huge, the Feds will pay for most of it, it will cost only $34 scratch $98.5 billion, it’ll create hundreds of thousands of jobs, fares will be so low folks will choose the train, it’ll make a profit and most importantly, folks will be lining up to go from Fresno to Bakersfield.” 

Sounds like the folk here are adopting a realistic view of high speed rail and the “bullas__t” rationales for it.