Well folk down here in Florida “done had” our primary election and it looks like Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate for president come November.  As I said in my blog of January 5, Florida could be a surrogate for the whole USA given the make-up of its population.  Romney was the favorite among all sectors of the electorate so won a convincing victory. 

I hear lots of voices, obviously mostly Democrats, saying the rough and tumble primary is tearing down the Republican party and its candidates.  How quickly they forget the no-holds-barred fight between Obama and Clinton in 2008.  The reality is that the primary is, as Romney stated, honing each candidate’s campaign and improving their presentations.  Romney himself has found a new forceful approach to the debates and the campaign. 

Another benefit for the Republicans coming from the lively primary campaign is the mountain of media coverage they are getting.  President Obama would have to invade Iran to recapture the headlines.  It does not hurt to have full time media coverage since it keeps your candidate in front of the people.  President Obama will get plenty of press as the incumbent, the vivid primary is gaining equivalent coverage for the Repubicans.

I also note how much attention is being paid to taxes with the background of a divide between the “haves” and “have-nots” in the USA.  As I have stated before, I see taxes, not jobs, as being the dominant factor in this year’s election.  The Dems seem to be pursuing a strategy of reallocating wealth via increased taxation of the “haves.”  Republicans are on a path to promoting greater economic opportunity by lessening the tax bite and regulation on entrepreneurs.  Both approaches have general appeal.