Sunday’s New York Times carried an article about the top “1%” of all income earners, the target of the “Occupy Peoria” movement.  I wrote this iin a blog on Dec 22, so beat the Times by some three weeks.  The Times put the entry level income at $380,000 and I put it at $320,000 with both of us noting that this is a difficult number to establish.  As did I, the Times noted that medical doctors are the largest profession in the “1%.” 

The Times stated that the top “1%” earn some one fifth of all income which I showed in a blog last November.  However, the Times said the group paid one fourth of all Federal taxes while I noted that it pays 38 percent of Federal income taxes.  The difference probably lies in the Times referring to “all Federal taxes” while I limited my figure to just “income” tax. 

I am glad to have the Times confirm my information.  But if you want to read it first, read it here, not in the New York Tmes.