The Liberal media reporting on the Republican primary elections is akin to sports reporters focusing on Tim Tebow’s kneeling in prayer instead of his passing ability.  However, the Tampa Bay Times, formerly the St Petersburg Times, the paper that humbly proclaims itself “Florida’s best newspaper,” stole the blog that was spinning around in my head by declaring that the primaries should start in Florida, the largest swing state in the nation.  Caliifornia is reliably Democratic and Texas Republican.  New York and Florida are now neck and neck with about 20 million people each but New York is Democratic, while Florida is not locked on either party. And given its size Florida should have the first and most important primary.

In fact we could probably save alot of money by just holding the election in Florida. The state has a population that reflects the total country with 80 % white, 16% black, and Hispanics crossing racial lines to account for 20% of the total population.  And contrary to popular belief, Cubanos are not the largest Hispanic group, that would be Mexicans. 

Unlike New York, California, and Texas Florida does not have large cities.  New York has New York City, and California and Texas each has three of the ten largest cities in the USA.  Florida’s largest city is Jacksonville and it is not in the top ten.  Rather than being concentrated in large urban centers Florida’s population is more evenly spread across the state.  Of course the majority are close to a beach but one is never more than 30 miles to the sea in any part of the state. 

With its evenly distributed population representing most of the dominant demographic trends in the USA, e.g. the fastest growing Hispanic population, rapid growth in immgrants from Asia and the largest percentage of over 65 year olds, Florida could be an ideal surrogate for the entire country.  Thus an election here would probably closely match an election held throughout the entire country.  Sounds crazy, all one has to do is remember 2000 with hanging and pregnant “chads.”