In a mindless act one ot the “Occupy Peoria” groups, my term for the “occupy” this or that town from New York to Oakland movement, burned an American flag in another demonstation of their rage.  The action probably tipped the scale from a majority of Americans supporting the movement, to opposing it.  At its start the movement gained widespread support from a public suffering the reverses of the worse economic downturn since the “Great Depression.”  However, since then it has seen its support among the American public steadily declining.  The flag burning appears to have turned the movement from a hero to a goat.

The “Occupy Peoria” movement stands in stark contrast to the Tea Party, another movement spawned by our current economic plight.  Rather than squander its support the Tea Party has carefully nurtured it and molded it into a formidable factor in our politics.  The Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in 2010 was attributed in large part to the Tea Party and its supporters.  And while the Tea Party will play a large role in our elections this year, the “Occupy Peoria” movement appears to have been marginalized.

In its passion to ignite a “populist” uprising the “Occupy Peoria” movement appears to have effectively become the “One Percent.”  No, not the ”One Percent” super rich who supposedly control the economy, but rather the “One Percent” who are wasting their time in senseless acts that lose support, rathar than rally the support of the general public.