Well this is the time for all the financial gurus to post their bets for investments in the coming year. Here are mine:

Health Care. President Obama’s new health care bill delivers 30 million new clients to the health care industry. Of course these people, contrary to popular belief, have already been receiving health care, but now they will have insurance, which presumably will mean an increase in their use of medical services. The obvious first choice for investors is to put money in the health insurance companies. Pharmaceutical companies are also a good bet. Hospitals and clinics also merit consideration.

Security. The Christmas Day thwarted attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit has everyone buzzing about the proper level of security we need to protect us from evil doers. Obvious choices for investments here are companies who build the new “naked” body scanners for airports. Also take a look at firms that make any security “hardware.” Still another choice will be companies that train security forces and staff.

Defense. As we ratchet up our forces in Afghanistan, defense industry firms will do well. Take a look at the companies who build the drone aircraft that have become the weapon of choice to take out “terrorists.”

Construction. No, not home builders, but the groups who build “shovel ready” projects to be financed by the stimulus bill and its possible sequel.

Alternative Energy. No matter what happens in our pursuit of an international agreement to reduce carbon emmissions, tons of money will be spent on developing alternative energies. Funny enough, the largest investors in “new” energies will be the companies who supply us with the “old” energies. I see a great future for my BP shares. However, be careful investing in the new ventures, since they will suffer a high mortality rate.

Finance Industry. As I have been saying all along, take a close look at those who are active in “securitized” debt and other derivatives. My consistent suggestion here is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

While I trust you will see the subtle humor, don’t be deceived. These are good investment bets for the coming year.