Well at least one of my suggestions for improving health care has been taken up by the Congress. There is a move to lower the age for entry into Medicare to 55. It now kicks in at age 65. This will extend a government, Medicare is a joint project between the Feds and the states, health care plan to many millions more Americans. And this is perhaps the group that has the most pressing need for better health care. One commentator referred to this group as the “pre-elderly” and as such they have many of he same chronic illnesses as us old folk.

If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I have urged expanding Medicaid to those who do not now have health insurance. Medicare is a less efficient government program, but nevertheless one under which there are the means to control heath care costs. Medicare will pay a fixed fee for a service, no more. It keeps the providers in check. Which happens to be my goal for health care reform.

To my “younger” friends I say, welcome to the club.