Gold fever is hot, hot, hot on the investment scene with the price for the yellow stuff at over $1100 an ounce. There is a rush to invest in the metal.

In spite of having done mining reports on the largest source of gold, South Africa, including having descended into the deepest gold mine there, over one mile below the surface of the earth, I am not a great proponent of it as an investment. However, I have always asked for gold crowns for my teeth since you never know.

If you do want to join the “Gold Rush of 2009″ there are a couple of tips to remember:

1. The usual investment here is to buy “gold shares” on the New York Stock Exchange, which are shares in gold mining companies, not gold itself.
2. Silver is usually a better investment. For that matter, copper often is better.

So there you are all you “gold bugs,” go for “$1500 or bust.”