As I predicted, President Obama apparently will offer a compromise solution for Afghanistan. He will not send as many, troops as requested by the commander of our forces there in an attempt to placate those in his own party who oppose more troops for the “war.” However, he will send more troops to try to achieve an acceptable outcome of the mess. As I said before, this is a “mush” response that promises nothing more than disaster.

The president will defend his decision to send more troops by also announcing a schedule for their eventual withdrawal. While this will be designed to answer critics from his own party, it will also give a clear schedule for our enemies there to use in making their own plans, i.e. they will lie low until the US troops leave. They are in no rush, since they see that time is on their side.

I once more suggest that the best solution for Afghanistant is to return to our successful policy of 2001 when we paid a gang of war lords and other heavies to take out the Taliban. It may not yield the kind of government that fits our model, but it will be a solution coming from the Afghans themselves, and not the “foreign devils.”