Following my blog of yesterday about redefining our “enemy” in Afghanistan, we today see top secret messages from our ambassador in Afghanistan on the front pages of newspapers across the country (talk about leaks). In these reports the ambassador urges not to send more troops to the conflict. He maintains that the current Afghan administration is too corrupt to support. Unsaid, but implied, is that we should leave and let the Afghans sort the situation out by themselves, with the smart money on the Taliban regaining control of the country.

President Obama made a main campaign issue out of George W Bush turning our attention to Iraq when we should have stayed focused on Afghanistan and “getting” Benny Laden. Once elected Obama called Afghanistan a “war of necessity.” He stated his determination to rid the world of Benny Laden, even if we had to chase him into Pakistan. It now appears as though Obama has made one of what I call the worse mistakes, he drew a gun with no bullets in it.