It’s quiet, too quiet. We are facing major challenges - the economy, climate change, Afghanistan and health care reform - but I see little progress. Well, we are putting some reigns on the financial markets that could prevent another 2008 type meltdown. As I reported, Barney Frank is making good progress on this issue.

As for Afghanistan, Senator Kerry has now joined Senator Levin in opposing sending more troops in response to the request from the US commander there. I am sure President Obama does not want to get into a tussle with his own party’s major voices. I see poorly constructed measures coming from trying to placate basically opposing ideas. Any military operation of this size and scope needs complete agreement on the part of the politicians making the policy. Again, if Obama sends more troops, he will be responding to the Republicans, if he doesn’t, he faces a deteriorating situation.

I still haven’t seen any major player come out with dramatic goals to reach at the UN Conference on Climate Change to be held in Copenhagen in just two months. Lots of noise from the “global warming” crowd, but they have still not elicited specific goals for reducing the emmissions they call “evil.” The only action that will no doubt be taken by the Conference will be to stop unfettered destruction of tropical rain forests. Prince Charles of England has finally found a “dog that will hunt.”

The health care bill is back to Congressional committees where it is being reworked. I don’t see a bill being passed until next year. Meanwhile my Medicare Advantage plan comes for renewal the first of the year. If the insrance companies come up with a revised Advantage plan that reduces the cost to Medicare, then the President loses the major source of funding for the new bill, and has to add additional new taxes to support the plan. That could be the kiss of death if unemployment is still at 10%.

Maybe we are just on a World Series break. I like the Dodgers.