There is a way to invest that is immune to the vagaries of the economy. Buying and selling foreign currency is not affected by stock market movements, property prices, unemployment, bond prices, derivatives, securitized debt, terrorism, wars, climate change, whales washing up on the shore, stars going nova, sun rise or sun set. One could argue movements here respond to trade patterns or arbitrage to chase high interest rates. But none of these are definitive signals for this esoteric trading. This is art, not science.

Trading foreign currency is like the old sing-along songs that used to be shown in movie theaters. The sound system would play the tune while the lyrics would appear on the screen. A white ball would bounce from word to word indicating what word to sing, thus the old saying, “follow the bouncing ball.”

Currency trading is just like that, “follow the bouncing ball.” Forget the world around you and other instrusions. Focus on the blips on the computer screen indicating movement in the value of one currency against another. Since these are highly leveraged trades, even the tiniest blip means big profits or big losses. You have to develop a sense for where the “ball will bounce” based strictly on observed movements.

I have seen people work a $5000 nest egg up to $100,000 in a few sessions. And there are programs to minimize loss.

You can trade foreign currency online through several services. Make sure you always trade with a stop loss program.