Well the honeymoon is over. The health insurance companies, which until now have been on board President Obama´s effort to make health care more affordable and inclusive, have now pulled out and are launching a full court press on what they warn will be massive increases in insurance fees brought about by the Obama plan.

Again, I believe the mistake made was going after the insurance companies. We should have addressed the cost of health care at the source, fees and prices set by the providers, not the payers of those bills. Now the insurance companies have opted out moving the contest to one where Obama versus the health insurance industry.

The only remedy (pun intended) I see here is my suggestion of expanding our Medicaid program which is dispensed as an HMO to anyone who wants it. Those earning above the poverty level will have to pay a sliding scale in accordance with their income. What this will offer is affordable health coverage to all, Obama´s goal. Those who reject joining an HMO could continue to buy insurance that covers their choice of medical care.