Well it appears that my complaint about President Obama’s health plan has struck a raw nerve. The Obama Health Team has officially demanded all companies providing Medicare Advantage to some 11 million Americans, including yours truly, to stop all communications with their clients about how the new health plan will impact their health coverage. I am even more mad. Not only will the new plan come about at the expense of my current health coverage, but my provider is forbidden to advise me of this fact. Where is the President’s promise to allow all those who like their current health plan to keep it?

There is a flaw in the new health plan that could sink it and, rather than resolve it, the government wants to hide it. What happened to a more open and responsive government? Fortunately for me, and the rest of us with the doomed health care plan, my Senator, Bill Nelson, a key Democrat on this issue, is fighting to preserve our plan. Now will the administration try to muzzle Nelson?