The Senate Finance Committee has finally come out with its version of the new health plan. I am astounded. While I knew that elminating my health care plan, Medicare Advantage, was expected to provide funding for the increased costs, I did not realize that it would pay over half the costs. The Senate bill will cost $858 billion for its first ten years. About $500 billion of that will be paid by savings from Medicare. Since the only item that President Obama has identified to be cut from Medicare is my plan, Medicare Advantage, that means that I, and 11 million other Americans, will get the bill.

Even more troubling is a small but fundamental provision of the new health plan. I did not notice that the new health plan would eliminate scheduled cuts in Medicare payments to doctors. The Senate committee version delays this for one year. As I have been saying, the main reason our health care is the most expensive in the world, by far, is the outrageous fees charged by our doctors. There is no reason for doctors in the USA earning three to four times the average pay of a doctor in Europe. They are not that much better.

Fortunately my senator, Bill Nelson, has objected to the cuts in Medicare and is hesitant about supporting the bill until his concerns are satisfied. You can be sure he is being bombarded by constituents such as myself asking him to save our Medicare plan.