President Obama won the election in part because of his promise to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home. Now he is planning to send those troops to Afghanistan. As I wrote in an earlier piece, this is a familiar slippery path that he should avoid.

I would now go on to ask that we bring all our troops home. Why do we still have some 50,000 soldiers in Germany, 50,000 in Japan, 30,000 in Korea, 10,000 in Italy, 10,000 in the UK? Why are our troops still in Bosnia ten years after that “war” was settled? The new Japanese administration has made it clear that it does not like our troop presence in that country. The Koreans periodically violently protest our troops being there. The American people made it clear in the last election that we should not be in Iraq and it now looks like they do not want our boys and girls in Afghanistan.

So I say, bring them all home. I know that many will raise arguments about “force projections, killing Benny Laden and his gang, strategic placement of military resources, geopolitical influence through our might and so on.” But the reality is that we have a very strong defense alliance to handle problems in Europe -NATO. The Japanese and Koreans feel they are now big enough to take care of their own defense. We have military presence throughout the world via our own territorial bases, e.g. Guam. We have a strong defense platform in the Middle East, Kuwait, whose government still appreciates that we rescued them and are critical to its defense.

Our troops are already out of Latin America and Africa, except for training missions. It is time to get them out of Europe and Asia as well.