No, I do not refer to dropping bombs from a plane. It is my cry to do away with bombs, especially the random ones left by misguided sots trying to promote their politcal agenda.

The first bomb with which I had direct contact was the one dropped on the center court of the Tennis Club in downtown Saigon. Fortunately it was done at night and no one was playing and certainly not me since I never got to center court. But it did ruin the schedule for play for weeks while the hole was repaired.

The next one was more serious. In 1974 a really big explosion done by Basque terrorists in Madrid lifted the entire armored car of the Prime Minister more than 100 feet into the air and dropped it in the courtyard of the Church across the street from the embassy where I was working. What a bang.

A few years later a bomb was hurled from the street into the compound of our embassy in Ankara, Turkey where I was working. The bomb exploded directly in front of the window of my office. Again, fortunately it came at night, when no one was in the building. I closed the heavy steel shutters of my windows with a steel crossbeam and never opened the window again.

The next time I was standing in my office in our consulate in Johannesburg when a terrific explosion shook the windows that fortunately held because they were layed with bomb proof materials. The scene of destruction on the block in front of the consulate was impressive. All the other windows had been blown in, leaving a street littered with broken glass.

Back again in Ankara, this time running a private company. It was the middle of the First Gulf War and a spin off from that war was a renewal of left wing terrorism in the city. Two of my American colleagues, running other companies like mine, were assasinated. We were on high alert and I had bomb proof materials added to our windows. Fortunately, the bad guys did not target me and my company for violence.

Then came the granddaddy of all terroist acts, September 11. No, I was not in the World Trade Center the day it was destroyed. But just a few years before I had actually worked on the very floor where the one plane hit the building. As I watched the drama unfold on television with the rest of America, I could actually visualize the chaos and carnage that followed. My summary thought was, “thank God I am no longer a stock broker.”

Now the terrorists are setting bombs off all over my summer home, Mallorca. Once more they seek to promote their cause by intimidating the populace. Well I guess I am now enured to bombs. But I sure wish they would go away.