Many are still not convinced that the ‘Great Recession’ is over. And yes, unemployment is still high. However, all other signs show recovery. Housing sales are reviving, banks are stable, consumers are spending again, and auto sales are booming due in large part to the cash for clunkers subsidy plan. Things would be even better if we could implement President Obama´s stimulus plan faster. But we are on the road to prosperity again.

No better demonstration of recovery can be found than the fact that economic news has been pushed to the back section of the news. Gone are the front page headlines about Congress voting on a major government bail out. The economic news is once more focusing on major mergers and aquisitions. Well it was fun being the talk of the day. Now I have to find a juicy scandal story. Wait a minute, the Chinese have just executed two men accused of large scale swindles. Hum, maybe we should try Bernıe Madoff in a Chinese court?