Yes, the title is what I say is Italian for that famliar expletive for false information. Of course it is only this Italian-American’s invention.

In his last item one of my colleagues in this enterprise lays bare the truth of the “Financial Crisis of 2008″ and “Great Recession of 2009.” He writes that the largest US banks are not undercapitalized. More importantly, he notes that 97% of their loans are fully performing and thus only a small percentage of their securitized assets are “toxic,” which is contrary to the conventional wisdom.

I have repeatedly stated since this online journal began that there was no real reason for the meltdown. The error came about when the “Wunderkind,” who created the securitized asset boom, got nervous about stagnant property sales. They translated the slump in the property market into destruction of the securitized assets built on mortgages and other loans. I kept saying that this was an error, foreclosures were never above 3% of the mortgages and that the assets built on these were being grossly undervalued. I should have used my colleagues number and stated that the glass was 97% full instead of 3% short.

Of course even a 3% default rate is cause for concern, but not sufficient to cause the massive panic that led to our current sorry state of affairs. To put it succinctly, we overreacted and in the process sunk our economy.

Fortunately some steady hands at the main tiller, Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and others, steered the economy back to stability. We now see that our banks are sound and never did have the level of threat that was feared by many.

While the financial system is sound, the panic did ruin the economy in general. Securitized assets were erroneously marked to a non-existent market that resulted in massive devaluations that in turn ruined bank balance sheets and forced credit to dry up. Credit dried up, consumption went down. Consumption went down, unemployment went up.

While a sound financial system is necessary for economic recovery, it cannot do the job itself. We have to get people back to work and that is the aim of President Obama’s stimulus package.

We were fed alot of “bullasheet” and it wrecked the economy.

Leo Cecchini
May 2009