While in San Francisco I visited Marian Haley Beil who manages this blog site. Inter alia we talked about the Peace Corps and how it may become even smaller under current budget plans.

I told her, and I tell all here, that this is an opportunity for President Obama to really make his mark. He is fully committed to volunteer service and has the youth of America fully behind him. It is time for him to really show his Kennedy like stature by committing himself and his administration to a resurgent Peace Corps.

I am not just talking about increased funding. I mean President Obama should be the leader of a Peace Corps movement that once more captures the imagination of a whole generation of young people. He is the right man and it is the right time.

We need to restore the respect America enjoyed that came from Peace Corps Volunteers ranging far and wide. We need to show the world that in these troubled economic times we stand ready to lead the world in putting our best and brightest to the task of restoring a sound economy, but also in reaching higher goals.

As we look forward to celebrating the 50 Anniversary of the Peace Corps, I hope we will celebrate an idea that has not diminished with time, but is undergoing a renaissance . President Obama I call for you to step up and be the leader of a new and even more vigorous Peace Corps.

Leo Cecchini
May 2009