Take a look at the comment column alongside this blog and you will see two who disagree with my take on the economy. One says he doesn’t agree with anything I say another finds my comments on consumption to be “facile.”

I am amused when fans of President Obama dump on his policies. In case I did not make myself crystal clear I support the president’s policies except for a couple of technical problems. The president in his address on the economy yesterday noted the initial success of the Feds several programs to revive the credit market, which I have carefully explained in my columns, and fully support. He also emphasized the need to get his stimulus program up and running as soon as possible, which I have also described and support.

President Obama made it clear in his speech that we need to crank up consumption in order to put people back to work. Now I know that the Republicans are calling the stimulus plan “excessive” government spending that will really not put anyone back to work. The also drag out the bugaboo about future indebtedness burdening our progeny. I see the Republican strategy as simply one of shoring up their position for the next election. If the president’s plans work they will say they worked because Republican amendments and additions made them better. If they fail the Republicans will be able to say to the voters, “We told you so.”

I mentioned in a previous article that I was surprised by the many Obama supporters who oppose his “excessive” spending. I also mentioned that, while the president enjoys strong support from the public, his programs do not.

So I say to those who commented on my economic views that mine are exactly the same as held by the Obama team and I did not vote for them. And while I am certainly in no position to implement my suggestions, the president and his people can, and will.

Leo Cecchini
April 2009