Well the New York Stock Exchange is again bullish, further evidence that suspending “mark-to-market” on April 2 is having a positive effect. But restoring the flow of credit is only half the battle. If we had taken this step last fall we may have avoided the economy’s nose dive, but we did not, and we now have to deal with widespread unemployment.

Yes, restored lines of credit thanks to suspending “mark-to-market” and Government action, e.g. the “TARP”, the “TALF”, are doing their work, they will induce consumption and thus production and thus employment. But we let the problem go too long and this road to recovery will be too slow for the public to accept.

No, we have to get President Obama’s stimulus program moving fast. I hear many say that only a small portion of the stimulus will be spent on direct consumption, e.g. building new roads and schools. They complain that “transfer” payments, e.g. extended unemployment payments, are indirect consumption that may or may not occur. Give me a break, someone on unemployment will not use extra cash to pay for essentials? Do you really believe that this person will invest the extra pay in a CD?

The formula is fundamental and easy to understand, inject more funds into the economy, extra funds mean higher consumption than before the injection, higher consumption means higher production, higher production means higher employment. Again, I am not concerned about how the funds are spent, I leave that to those examining quality, I deal with quantity. Just get the money out there as soon as possible.

Leo Cecchini
April 2009