New books by Peace Corps writers — July 2018

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We are now including a one-sentence description — provided by the author — for the books listed here in hopes of encouraging readers  1) to order the book and 2) to volunteer to review it. See a book you’d like to review for Peace Corps Worldwide? Send a note to Marian at, and we’ll send you a copy along with a few instructions.

The Last Thing I Told You
by Emily Arsenault (South Africa 2004-06)
William Morrow Publisher
416 pages
July 2018
$14.75 (paperback); $10.9 (Kindle); $14.95 (Audible)

This psychological thriller about the murder of a psychologist in a quiet New England town and his former patient whose unreliable thread will keep readers guessing until the shocking end.

Voices: A Retrospective on the Vietnam War and the Peace Corps
by Jack Boyd (Kenya
186 pages
August 2017
$24.00 (paperback); $7.00 (Kindle)

This memoir is one PCVs account of living and teaching in Kenya, East Africa for two years — those years are tearfully remembered for the assassinations of MLK and Robert Kennedy, war in the Middle East, and urban riots in places like Detroit where he was born.

Into the Backlands: A Peace Corps Memoir
by Kenneth E. Dugan Fliés (Brazil 1961–63)
Lost Lake Folk Art Books
236 pages
June 19, 2018
$17.95 (paperback)

What began as an adventure of a lifetime for 19-year-old Ken Fliés when he joined Peace Corps and went to the Backlands of Brazil in 1961, turned into a lifetime of adventure.

Use Your Voice! Political Poetry and More
by Dorothy Herzberg (Nigeria 1961-63)
74 pages
May 2018
$10.00 (paperback); $2.99 (Kindle)

Poems by Dorothy Herzberg in response to the 2016 presidential election and the current term in 2018.

Allies and Adversaries: Churchill and the Man Who Would Be France
by Richard K. Irish (Philippines 1962-64)
Amazon Kindle
640 pages
June 2018
$9.99 (Kindle)

A book about the theatrical collisions between two gargantuan egos: the inexorable force Churchill versus the immoveable body de Gaulle.

Nature’s Poetry
by Eldon Katter (Ethiopia 1962-64)
112 pages
July 2018
$5.99 (paperback)

Nature’s Poetry is an engaging, informal compilation of the author’s poetry and art. Black and white illustrations appear on almost every page.

Peace Corps Bibliography
by Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975–77)
66 pages
July 2018

Current — as of early 2018 — books written by former Peace Corps Volunteers about their tours overseas. This is a map to first person accounts of adventure and misadventure; also included is a listing of Peace Corps history books with different opinions about the agency’s meaning and worth.


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