Nancy Tongue of Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers follows up on sexual assault report


Nancy Tongue, founder of Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers has sent us the following notice. She is asking for help in locating anyone who has experienced assault in the last few years and would be willing to work with Kellie Green’s lawyers.  Nancy  and the Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers are also working to pass legislation, Sam Farr Peace Corps Enhancement Act. HR 2259.  This legislation would improve health care for serving Volunteers and also RPCVs.  It also would extend the life of the Peace Corps Sexual Assault Advisory Council, mandated by the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011. 

Nancy’s notice does include a link to the Office of Special Counsel report, posted earlier by John Coyne, as well as the background story of former Advocate. Kellie Green.

From Nancy Tongue:

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may or may not know that Kellie Greene had been working as the Victim Advocate at PC and was asked to leave. She filed a whistleblower lawsuit against PC and WON! The reports from the OSC reveal that PC has been negligent further supporting our reform efforts.
Here is the press release:
Here is her story:
Here are the new findings in the reports listed under Peace Corps. There are three reports:
What we need
We are looking for a few people who have experienced assault in recent years who are willing to speak with Kellie Greene’s lawyers. Please contact us ASAP if you can help in this issue!!!!
Nancy Tongue

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