One of the joys of travel, and there are many, is the return. Not to home, although there is that too, but to distant towns you have known before. Observe people going about their business while you yourself have none. See how the three or four blocks of Main Street have changed over the years; which businesses survived, which went down. Is that little East Indian restaurant still there. Keys Cut; Cheques Cashed. Bodies Pierced; Jewelry Appraised. Tuesday Movie Special: Bottomless Popcorn! Ubiquitous Realty: no matter how small or depressed, here is THE town where you are guaranteed to buy low and sell high.  The suburbs grow and the downtown shrivels, collapsing upon itself. But in spite of the Big Box plague on the periphery, there is still life here, a defiant pulse.

See how Main Street changes after 5:30pm. Skateboards and dreadlocks begin to populate the sidewalk. Overpowered pickups rumble down Main, young male drivers torn between speed and the quest for connection along the meager few blocks of urban neon. These are real lives, carried on with no regard for the uncertain particulars of yours.

Carry on; I’ll be back.