I had a delightful conversation with a young friend here in Washington who works for the Department of Energy in distributing its funding.  I asked her if her operation reduces the concept of solar energy to electricity supplied by solar panels.  She said yes.   I went on to say that our energy gurus totally overlook the fact that solar energy means energy from the sun and it is the sun that makes the earth work, not just solar panels.

I also pointed out that an apparent major result of “climate change” is the redistribution of our rainfall and thus water supply.  Everyone is convinced that there are more floods in the USA today than before.  I told my young friend if that is true than we should be spending more federal funds in building more dams to control flooding with the side benefit of increased hydroelectric power.

I noted that our energy research program is propelled by three goals.  First,  to reduce pollution.  Second,  to reduce dependence on foreign energy.  Third, to conserve wasting resources.  I told her that all three goals are achieved by putting all our attention into the boom in natural gas production.  The natural gas boom can eliminate the pollution caused by coal and oil fired electric power generation.  The natural gas boom can sharply reduce our need for foreign fuels.   And there is a virtually endless supply of natural gas lying under the USA.

I said that there are no federal funds for developing gas and hydroelectric resources.   However, the private sector will develop our gas resources, thank you.  Hydropower will remain static without federal funding.  And no funds are spent in gaining a better understanding of the real role played by solar energy in the world.

Rather federal  funds, which my young friend helps distribute, are spent on whatever the energy technology “flavor of the month” happens to be, e.g.  electricity from solar panels, or from windmills.  Fortunately the funds are no longer wasted on developing “green” energy from such things as sugar cane and corn.  That fad has died a just death.

By the time we finished my young friend said she had gotten a whole new idea of what she is doing, in sum, distributing funds to whoever can come up with a new idea that captures the attention of the Feds.  It is simply a matter of throwing money at any scheme that sounds good but may or may not be really aimed at developing a better energy supply.  She said she now understands why there are so many groups using political pressure to capture those federal funds.

Ain’t Washington grand?