Hard to relate to people being snowbound in their homes, transportation completely halted, spring buds dying from the cold, and other mayhem caused by the winter army marching across the middle of America to its east coast when one looks out his window at sunshine and 80 degree weather.  And California is still suffering from its worse drought in years apparently caused by a cold air mass hovering over the northern Pacific.

Also hard to do its get concerned about global warming, or, in the current vernacular, “climate change.”   Whatever the merits of the concern about warmer temperatures caused by carbon emissions in the atmosphere, it is hard to build consensus on its evils when you are facing a cold night because you have run out of heating oil and your  older furniture is looking good for the fireplace.  The weather keeps making the “climate change” crowd’s campaign even more difficult.

Oh, when summer comes there will be many more deaths from excessive heat due to carbon emissions.  Well the ratio of death from excessive cold still outpaces death from excessive heat by a margin of some 10 to 1.  We have to go some distance in the warming trend to make death from hot temperatures equal to death from temperatures going too cold.

I note here that the focus of the climate change brigades in the USA is now coal burned to produce electricity.  The key call here is to put a “carbon” tax on electric power generated by coal.  Fortunately the lower price for natural gas coming from the boom in our gas production due to “fracking” means natural gas is replacing coal as fast as possible.  And natural gas is a low producer of carbon gases.

One further shot in this war, I am constantly amazed at how little people understand the role of solar energy, or better said, sunshine,  in our energy mix.   The sun is what makes life as we know it possible on this planet.  It brings the temperature up to levels required for all life as we know it, our other energy sources merely raise the temperatures in selected areas to required minimums.   The sun creates the clouds that bring fresh water - rain - to the land.   The sun creates the winds that provide us with aeolic energy.  The sun creates the ocean currents that in turn create mini-climates.  And of course all fossil fuels were originally created by the sun.  The only energy that apparently does not come from the sun is atomic energy which is produced by the genius of man.

Meanwhile I believe I will bask in the sun this afternoon while my friends in the north dig out from under tons of snow and ice caused, I am told by my “climate change” warrior friends, by global warming.  The mind boggles.