Amazing, on the one hand we have those determined to wipe out all tobacco use, principally smoking,  while at the same time we have those fighting to legalize the use of marijuana, which is principally smoking.   Talk about contradictions.

I am totally neutral in this contest  since I have never smoked tobacco or marijuana.  I have, however, lived with three smokers, my wife and two daughters.   I object to the war against smoking tobacco and applaud the war to legalize smoking marijuana.  I say let adults indulge in whatever floats their boat.

I am well aware of the health problems seemed to be caused by smoking tobacco.  I am also aware of the health problems associated with use of marijuana.  You may be interested in knowing that marijuana smoke carries the same tars as does tobacco smoke so it is as toxic to secondhand recipients of smoke as are cigarettes, since the only problem for secondhand recipients are the toxins in the smoke, not the nicotine.

Even more amusing is the fact that many who oppose tobacco vehemently are those who are equally vociferous in the battle to legalize marijuana.   They just don’t get it, both activities carry a risk.

And how bad is that risk.  My mother-in-law was a real smoker who smoked until the day she died at age 87 and her death had nothing to do with tobacco.  A very good friend of mine in Spain smoked until the day he died last year at age 73 and his death did not come from tobacco.  Surely there are many who can smoke with no ill effects.  Likewise, I am sure there are those for who cannabis poses no problems.   Why should they give up their pleasures because others cannot use them safely?

Oh, what’s that you say, the problem is secondhand smoke.  But I already noted that marijuana smoke carries the same tars as does tobacco smoke so those who oppose tobacco smoke for this reason must, to be consistent, oppose marijuana.  But they do not.  In any case there is no conclusive proof that secondhand smoke causes injury to others and I am living proof of that.

I oppose any law that seeks to prevent me from doing what I want to do as long as it does not impact others.   While on principle I oppose laws against smoking tobacco or marijuana, I have a personal grudge against laws that prevent me from gambling and drinking whenever and wherever I want.  As with smoking, I harm no one else by my gambling or drinking, in fact I am doing my part to promote economic growth.

And I really have great problems with those who in one breath cry out against tobacco, while in the next demand legalization of pot.