So we have a ship with a group visiting the Antarctic to observe the impact of global warming stuck in ice - summer ice!  And the ice breaker sent to rescue the ship also gets stuck in the polar ice.

Meanwhile in the USA we have record low temperatures freezing the mid-section of the country as well as the East Coast.  Green Bay’s football stadium sees the coldest NFL game ever played.  Record after record is being broken.

Hard to believe in global warming when we see record low temperatures so widespread.  Of course the global-warming-come-climate-change crowd will have explanations for this based on the green house gases poisoning our atmosphere.

I continue to respond to global warming warnings  by saying it cannot come soon enough.  The average temperature of the world is 60 degrees F or about 15 degrees C.  At that temerature the unprotected human body expires of hypothermia in 30 minutes.  In other words the earth is naturally  too cold for human habitation except for a band extending 10 degrees north and south of the Equator.  The only reason we live beyond that band is our development of  heating, shelter, and clothing to fend off the cold.  And of course much of this depends on fossil fuels.

If one would extend the global warming trend it would mean a lowering of our use of fossil fuel as the earth gets warmer. This in turn means that we have a self correcting problem, a warmer earth will require less use of fossil fuels and thus a reduction in green house gases.

But first we better see fewer records for cold temperatures.