“All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray…”  ”California Dreaming” describes the scene on a winter’s day in New York while dreaming of sunny, warm California.  Well after a month of brown leaves, gray skies and cold weather while visiting California I am not so sure of that reliable “dream.”

Mother Nature has “flipped the bird” at California and in this age of global warming turned it into an “ice box” not far removed from the rest of a “deep freeze” America.  As I continue to say, “Global warming cannot come fast enough.  The earth is basically a cold place and could use some more warmth.”

Of course California is the place to see up close the battle over the environment.  I have written some on “fracking” and the resistance to expanding its use in California.  And I say expanding, since it has already been used here extensively.  The troops are lining up on both sides of this defining environmental battle.  But the smart money is on more extensive use of fracking and the reason for this belief is money.  The soldiers of “progressive environmentalism,” which is how the locals here define their vanguard role in this “war,” will fight a vigorous battle but eventually lose to the forces of “greed” and “exploitation.”

The fatal flaw of the environmental movement, so much in evidence here, is its implacable nature, “We are the righteous and anointed and will not concede to the forces of evil.”   There is no room for compromise, logic, rationality, competing interests, and just plain common sense.

Fascinating story.  A forest dirt road crossed the bed of a small intermittant stream.  The state’s forestry service determined that they had to build a bridge costing over $100,000 to avoid the occasional vehicle causing distress to the burrows of a small toad.  But more importantly, and making the simple bridge much more expensive than necessary, the bridge had to rise high enough to not be disturbed by the 100 year flood that comes, well, every hundred years or so.

And so the battle continues in the land of “progressive environmentalists.”