It  is one thing  to ban super sized soft drinks because too many dunces consume too much sugar, this is simply a minor irritation to those of us who like to drink soft drinks.  But it is another to ban or rigidly control the most widely used pain killer in the USA and restrict sale of the most effective decongestant because some jerks abuse these.  This is a major problem for millions who suffer from severe pain and allergies. 

Why must those who depend on these medications for their daily survival have to pay the price for those who abuse them?  A good friend uses vicodin to control her severe pain from a bad sciatic nerve.  It is the only relief she can get from her debilitating condition.  But the FDA is considering making the medication available on a one time prescription that means a visit to the doctor each time she needs a new prescription.  Bad enough that she pays over $100 for the prescription but she must also pay for the doctor visit another $100, and she has no health insurance.  Instead of getting a prescription with several refills for one doctor’s visit she gets only one fill that vastly ups the cost of her medical attention. 

Another friend has severe allergies for which she uses Claritin D.  But this drug is tightly controlled and she cannot get enough at any one time to treat her condition adequately thus she has to select the times when she is well and when she suffers from the allergies. 

Of course the reason given for this tight control and proposed outright bans on these effective medications is that they are abused by some who use them as “recreational” drugs.  So the many who seek relief from debilitating ailments must pay the price for those who abuse the drugs. 

Where is our society going?  Why must the innocent bear the burden for the wrong doers?   I say let the abusers swallow whatever they want and let them bear the burden of their misconduct.  Do not punish those who have legitimate needs for valuable medicines.