Well my winter home, Ft Myers Beach and its big cousin next door Ft Myers, had over 20 days with above 85 degrees in December.  During Christmas week we had the warmest temperatures in the USA.  And today we had the warmest temperature in the country.  This is definitely the “hot spot” in the nation.

Not surprising it is home to lots of “snow birds” fleeing cold climes in the north, at least until the snows thaw.  To get some idea of the seasonal nature of the place, my church has 250 families that live here year-round.  But during season there are over 1000 families coming to church. 

No question the basic draw is the warm weather.  Ft Myers beach humbly proclaims itself, “the world’s safest beach,” and it is a spectacular strand of white powder beach.  But there are lots of great beaches further north that can compete with it and do in the summer.   It is also a great place for lovers of live music with no less than a dozen places offering live music all week.  The  fishing is great and the golf the best in the USA.  But the real draw is the warm weather.

And it is humid heat.  I hear many state their preference for the dry heat of south Texas or Arizona.  I lived in the Northern Mexican Desert, Monterrey.  The summer sun can literally fry an egg on the hood of your car, I know, I did it once.  But breathing that 110 degree dry air is like sucking on an oven.  It burns your nasal passages and your lungs.  Much better is the humid heat of south Florida.  It penetrates your bones thawing the cold in the marrow.   It relaxes the aches and pains in your joints. 

Global warming has been good to south Florida.   Oh, living at 18 inches above sea level I guess I should be worried about rising seas from global warming.  But at the current “break-neck” pace of rising seas it will take something like two centuries for the sea to reach my front door, long after me, my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren and more generations  have enjoyed the warm clime and been buried in the cold ground.