Yet another global warming skeptic sees the light and admits the earth is getting warmer.  This time it made news since the skeptic is a physicist who conducted studies over three years to examine the arguments of, well, skeptics.  He has concluded that, yes the earth is getting warmer, and yes, mankind contributes to this trend.

My but it takes some people quite a while to learn the basics.  The earth has been growing warmer since the end of the last “Great Ice Age” about 10,000 years ago.  And yes man has been influencing this trend ever since we discovered how to make fire.   But better late than never.

We should take this momentous moment to look at other basics about the earth and its climate.  First, the natural habitat of man lies in a zone which extends about 10 degrees north and south of the Equator.  Outside this zone man survives by virtue of man-made inventions including clothing, heating, and shelter.  Obviously we have extended the zone of habitat for man to the very ends of the earth.  However, the further we go the higher the cost.

Further, the average temperature of the earth is 60 degrees F or 15 degrees C.  At temperatures under 72 degrees F or 22 degrees C the human corpus dies in a matter of hours if not protected by man-made inventions, i.e. clothing, heating,  and shelter.  The import is that, for man to inhabit most of the earth, he needs to alter the climate or adapt to it. 

This is important since the warmer the earth becomes the less costly it becomes to extend our zone of existence, i.e. less cost to make our homes warm.  At the same time,  we will reduce the need to spew noxious gases into the atmosphere by heating our homes.  If one extrapolates the data one sees that global warming is essentially a self-correcting problem, i.e. as we reduce the need for heating, we reduce noxious gases in the atmosphere and thus reduce man-made global warming.

Of course the concern is not that the earth is getting warmer, but that it is doing so at an accelerated rate.  Most agree that, if greenhouse gases are not checked, the average temperature of the earth will increase by 1-2 degrees C over the next 100 years.  But wait, that average will have to grow by 7 degrees C to come up to the minimum temperature required for unassisted human existence.   And that is the minimum, most studies show that man can live at much higher average temperatures.   So we have several centuries of “global warming” at current “breakneck” speeds before the human race is actually threatened.  

Ah yes, it is not global warming that is the problem, it is “climate change.”  In other words it is not the heat itself that is the problem but the changes in our weather patterns caused by that heat. 

By consensus one change is that,as the average temperature rises, the earth will have more rainfall.  Great news this since the whole world is concerned about dwindling sources of fresh water. 

Oh, the climate changes may take current intensely farmed land out of production while opening up new lands not presently farmed.  Not a bad idea this, trade in land with spent mineral resources for lands laden with minerals.   Of course this will mean widespread movement of farmers but tell me the news about massive movement of farm workers, e.g. Mexican field hands in the USA.

No, I do not dispute global warming or climate change.  Indeed I welcome it, since I see the good it will produce.   I get the idea that most who are concerned about this trend simply don’t like change, rather than have specific fears.   Let us look at the ways we can use this change, rather than spend our time and money in what promises to be at best, simply ways to slow down the trend. 

Oh, about the polar ice caps melting and flooding the world, you may be interested in knowing that throughout its geological history the earth has at times had no ice caps, yet the earth has never been totally covered by the seas.