Once again Mother Nature demonstrated her dominance of the world.  At my home in Florida we worry each year about hurricanes.  I lost an auto to one and part of our house to another.  And hurricanes are hardly new to this part of the world.  The Carib Indians spoke this word to Columbus when they warned him of what they considered to be nature’s greatest peril. 

Our here in Mallorca we worry about brush and forest fires.  Yesterday, while I was safely away in Palma, a fire tore across the mountains behind my house.  The fire fighters held it from entering the community and damaging any homes.  But the whole side of the mountains was burned. 

I got back just as the two water planes and four helicopters were making their last dumps of water from the bay.  Spain probably has the best technology for fighting these fires and the water planes they manufacture are used throughout the world for fighting them.  Interesting machines, they are amphibious planes that set down on the bay to collect water which they then dump on the blazes. 

Not the first time I have seen a fire cause such destruction here.  I have seen two other large ones over the years and each year there are several smaller ones within a 2 mile radius.  My concern with this latest one is that it has come very early and after an unusually rainy May and June.  They should come in late August, early September when the land is scorched by the sun and before the fall rains begin. 

Once again Mother Nature demonstrated that when it comes to calamities on earth she holds all the top cards.