We have all heard rumors of terrorists placing a nuclear bomb in one of our harbors in one of the millions of cargo containers that present no obvious threat.  Now the news from Russia is that they are building floating nuclear power plants that can be used in coastal cities for electric power generation. 

The idea is based on the solid technology that powers the world´s mightiest naval vessels and some large commercial vessels.  In fact nuclear powered electricity production was first developed for naval purposes. 

Great idea this.  You can take the power station to any coastal place for permanent or temporary power generation.  It is believed that the Russians will use these floating nuclear power stations to develop more oil and gas production centers in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.  While this will add greatly to Russia´s status as the largest producer of exported energy, it will also give it a leg up in its desire to be the dominant economic power in the Arctic region.

 Beside being able to be located in any coastal area, the floating nuclear stations also have an ultimately complete safety feature.  In the event of a “meltdown” or other disaster it can be simply sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor where it would join the ranks of several nuclear powered vessels already giving a “radiant glow” to ¨Davey Jone´s Locker.”