The record breaking storms of ice and snow covering much of the USA promise to “ice” any remaining concern about global warming.   Hard to heed warnings about the earth seeing its average temperature rise by 2-3 degrees C by the year 2100 when you are trapped by snow in your home or on a road or in an airport with no hope of getting out for several days. Needless to say there will be a massive outcry if the storms make it impossible to get to Dallas for the Superbowl this coming Sunday.   You can’t get there today.

Fortunately the matter of global “climate change” has turned away from trying to stop rising temperatures, to focusing on how to cope with the changes.  This is what I have been pleading since I began this column.  We have adapted to all kinds of changes brought about by changing weather patterns and I am sure we will be able to adjust to these new directions.

Of course this does not satisfy the hard core which opposes any change in the earth caused by man.  These are the ones who see any action by man as upsetting “God’s work” or “Mother Nature” or “The Natural Order” or whatever other altar where they worship.  I am at the opposite end of this spectrum of opinion since I believe that there is nothing in nature that man cannot improve.  I offer as proof the implacable migration of people all over the planet from rural to urban areas.  People everywhere abandon each day the more “natural” habitat of the rural areas for the man-made habitat of cities.

Well I hope those of you caught in this monster storm can unfreeze your hands long enough to log in and read this.  Oh, what’s that you say, you have no electricity?