Well there was good news and there was bad news.  First the bad news, the other day we had snow in 49 of the 50 states.  But the good news,  the only state spared the “white stuff” was Florida and in my part, Ft Myers Beach, we had the warmest weather in the country.  Even more bad news, the wintry chaos in the rest of the country upped the number of “snowbirds” and tourists clogging our highways and byways, and making it hard to eat at my favorite restaurant.  

I would wager that this year’s unprecedented snowfall - the highest snowfall  ever recorded in South Bend, Indiana the day before the pro football playoff game in Indianapolis, the highest snowfall ever recorded in Niagara Falls, the country’s leading site for snowfall, the roof over the football stadium in Minneapolis caved in under the weight of the snow and they know how to deal with snow there, record numbers of cancellations of flights in and out of Atlanta’s airport, the busiest in the USA, as well as airports throughout the country - will push global warming even further back on the government’s agenda.

Meanwhile we find that the last ten years have been the wettest on record throughout the world.  Given that the scarcest resource in the world today  is fresh water, I would have thought this news would be greated with a huge sigh of relief.  But no, it is being used to warn us of the “dangers” of global warming. 

As I have said before, I welcome global warming.  The world is basically a cold place and a warmer planet would be more comfortable for human habitation.  Now I see that global warming is also helping us overcome a serious shortage of fresh water.  Where is the downside to this happy event?